Gundog Training - Surrey & Cambridgeshire

Our philosophy on training

is to work at the dog’s own pace and not to force anything.

We do not use treats, clickers or any aggressive training methods.

Our aim is to form a partnership between you and your dog and, we believe, all good partnerships are based on love and trust.

We offer several forms of training, please see below for more information:

Puppy Walking

Gundog Training - Surrey & Cambridgeshire

From the age of 14 weeks onwards - This gives you and your puppy a good foundation for training, offering some essential do’s and don’ts.

Your puppy will enjoy discovering textures, ie. thistles, brambles, coarse grass, water etc, as well as various noises, ie. game bird calls, cracking of flags, to very distant gunfire etc.

It also gives you the basic starting point for understanding and anticipating your dog and how their mind works.

This is not a group class, it is one-to-one session, although we can accommodate a small group of friends (2 or 3) who wish to work together.

One-to-One Training

Gundog Training - Surrey & Cambridgeshire

One-to-One Training is tailored to you and your dog, allowing you to advance your training, no matter what stage you are at.

This can be from any age, when your dog will readily take instruction - usually from 6 months onwards.

This can also follow on from the Puppy Walking and involves starting out with the basics such as heeling, re-call, stopping on the whistle, steadiness and retrieving.

If your training is further along we can offer assistance in training your dog to take direction (at a distance), hunt and blind retrieve, work with other dogs, cross fences and water, steady on bolting rabbits and flushing birds, be shot over and retrieve real game.

We have a rabbit pen, which offers an enclosed, safe environment to test and perfect the steadiness of your dog. It contains, rabbits, wild pheasants, pigeons and guinea fowl.

Most clients like to try and fit in one or two hourly sessions per week, depending on their final aim.

Residential Training

Gundog Training - Surrey & Cambridgeshire

We all lead busy lives, so if you want to have a quicker result, we do have limited space to take dogs in for Residential Training.

This involves your dog coming to live with us for 14-20 weeks to receive daily training sessions, ie. 2-3 training sessions a day, depending on the dog’s ability to absorb the lesson.

Although we have purpose built kennels, if your dog is not used to being outside, we would start them off indoors, living in a family environment and gradually attempt to get them to spend more time in the kennels until they feel completely comfortable. They will always have another dog for company and usually prefer the outside environment once they have settled to it.

The residential training is designed to take your dog to a level that you require over a shorter period of time. Whether you want to take your dog shooting, picking up, beating or even just to be obedient when you are out on a long walk, we can provide training that will offer your dog a fulfilled and exciting life.